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Canada announces increase in immigration settlement funding

18:18 29/11/2011
Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced last week that federal funding of immigrant settlement services in most Canadian provinces and territories will be increased for the 2012-2013...

Quebec, Canada to accept record number of immigrants in 2012

18:33 04/11/2011
Quebec unveiled their immigration plan for 2012 this week, stating the province will continue to grant a record numbers of visas to immigrants, despite complaints that it's not doing enough to...

Canada to accept record number of skilled migrants

11:42 27/07/2011
Canada is set to accept a record number of skilled migrants under Provincial Nominee Programs . Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says that his government recognizes the importance of nominee...

Ottawa Canada launches skilled immigration strategy

18:36 11/07/2011
Ottawa, Canada has launched a new skilled immigration strategy aimed at attracting more immigrants by providing better integration and support services to newcomers and immigrants already in Canada...

Canada skilled migration applications - Only 500 visas per occupation

16:12 11/07/2011
Canada has limited the number of federal skilled worker applications to 10,000 per year. Canada immigration hopes that reducing immigration numbers will help Canada deal with its backlog of...

Canadian immigration meeting on improvements to immigration system

18:12 22/06/2010
Immigration Minister Kenney met recently with Federal, provincial and territorial ministers in Ottawa to discuss improvements to the Canadian immigration system. "If Canada wants to succeed in the...