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Canada, mixed employment and economic news

13:21 07/08/2006
• Watch This Video During the previous week, statistics for the Canadian economy and job market were published for last month and last quarter. Persons considering immigration and job prospects in...

Former Russian spy denied return to Canada

14:43 04/08/2006
A Russian woman who spied on Canada for six years after assuming the identity of a dead child lost an appeal to return to the country to live with her new Canadian husband . Canada's federal court...

Immigration and learning a new language

15:09 23/05/2006
Being approved for a visa and various work and residency permits is often only one of the first steps an immigrant faces. When arriving in a new country and culture, the language barrier may rapidly...

Immigrants finding jobs matching their skills in Quebec, Canada

19:04 10/04/2006
A study commissioned by the immigration ministry of Quebec suggests the stereotype of foreign trained immigrants not finding skilled employment in their particuliar field is not founded. The study...

Amendments to Canadian Transitional Arrangements Announced

15:54 09/12/2003
The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Denis Coderre, announced on December 3rd that various amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) would come into effect today...