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Sanwar Ali

Founder of the and sites

Founder of the World famous and websites, visited by many millions of people a year. No charge is made to the millions of users of and it is run largely as a public service. Sanwar Ali has over thirty years of experience in the visa sector and is a pioneer in the use of the internet in the legal services industry.  He has experience in dealing with migration issue for a number of Countries around the World. is one of a handful of verified news sites in the World that is also a visa services site is one of the top news sources in the World covering UK visa and US visa related news and news about migration to other Countries. Our reports in effect correct mistakes on visa related issues made by the big media companies such as the BBC, CNN, The Guardian, etc. Our visa guides and news reports appear near the top of Google around the World. We also expose discrimination, corruption and dishonesty in the UK visa system and visa systems for various Countries around the World. is one of only a handful of visa services organisations in the World that is rated as a news service, and usually appear as top ranked news in web searches around the World. is probably the biggest free archive of experiences of migrants using the UK visa system on the internet. It is of enormous importance in maintaining high standards of immigration advice amongst lawyers and immigration advisers.

Sanwar Ali: Sponsor Licence applications in 2022 after COVID-19

16:14 14/04/2022
By Sanwar Ali : The UK system requires you to have a sponsor licence to employ migrants from abroad. This is part of the expensive and bureaucratic UK visa system. There are a number of issues that...

Sanwar Ali: UK sponsor licence review since Brexit

19:13 15/10/2021
By Sanwar Ali : Is the sponsor licence and UK visa system fit for purpose? Now is surely an appropriate time to consider the situation further since the truck driver shortage, hospitality worker...

Sanwar Ali: Far-right anti-immigration protesters in Dover

22:20 06/09/2020
By Sanwar Ali : On Saturday there were clashes between far-right anti-immigration protesters and the Police in Dover. The anti-migrant groups claimed to be there to “protect the border”. At the same...

Sanwar Ali: Huge drop in Tier 2 visa applicants during lockdown

1:55 30/08/2020
By Sanwar Ali : The Conservative Government has reduced immigration into the UK from non-EU Countries, but only because of the pandemic. The Conservatives have made an election issue out of...

Sanwar Ali: Donald Trump controversy over Naturalization ceremony

22:22 28/08/2020
By Sanwar Ali : Donald Trump’s use of a Naturalization ceremony on 25 August 2020 for political reasons as part of his election campaign has been heavily criticised. He hosted a citizenship ceremony...

Sanwar Ali: UK Visa at Home Office attacks “activist lawyers”

14:47 28/08/2020
By Sanwar Ali : It is shocking that the Home Office should complain in their video tweet on Wednesday, about “activist lawyers” because they are “preventing” the deportation of migrants. We...