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New book recommends US immigration reform

9:20 23/10/2012
The Financial Times has reviewed a new book warning of the dangers caused to the US by its immigration policy. Vivek Wadhwa, who came to the US as an immigrant himself, says that the US is losing its...

The Economist attacks UK immigration policy

10:07 22/10/2012
The world-renowned Economist magazine has published a scathing attack on the UK government's immigration policy. It says that the government's policies on legal skilled migration and on international...

UKBA introduces priority visa service for Tier 4 visa applicants in Singapore

17:19 03/07/2012
UK Immigration has announced from 2 July 2012, Tier 4 student applicants in Singapore will be eligible to use their priority visa service. The priority service is available for Tier 4 visa applicants...

New Zealand immigration reduced health checks for foreign students

11:41 04/04/2012
Immigration New Zealand announced on 2 April that health checks for international students immigrating to study in New Zealand will be relaxed later this year. Immigration Minister Nathan Guy stated...

Indian immigration expands tourist visa on arrival facility

12:11 24/01/2012
Indian immigration has announced that within the next year they will be expanding their visa on arrival facility to Goa, Kochi, Hyderabad and Bengaluru airports. Currently, the facility is only...

Several UK visa application centres to be closed 3 & 5 February 2012

14:49 19/01/2012
UK immigration has announced that a number of UK visa application centres around the world will be unable to take biometric information on certain days in February due to IT upgrades. During the...