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Spanish government

Spain reaps large benefits from legal and illegal immigration

14:54 18/05/2007
• Watch This Video Immigration has played a major role in boosting Spain's growing economy . However, the country still faces problems with illegal immigration along its southern border. According to...

Bulgaria and Romania join the European Union

9:33 05/01/2007
• Watch This Video The European Union gained two more member states on 01 January 2007 with the accession of Bulgaria and Romania, making a historic New Year for the two nations. Huge celebrations...

French proposal on immigration divides EU

13:38 03/10/2006
• Watch This Video A French proposal to ban massive amnesties to illegal immigrants divided the European Union Sept. 30 in Madrid, where foreign and interior ministers from eight Mediterranean...

Spain, France, Italy to make joint migration proposal

13:10 06/09/2006
On 05 September, the prime ministers of Spain and Italy agreed to present a migration proposal, along with France , to an informal European Union (EU) summit set for next month, the Spanish...

Spain's population grows thanks to immigration

16:26 21/11/2005
Spain posted its largest population increase ever last year, gaining more than 900,000 residents in a surge due almost exclusively to immigration, the Spanish government said. Spain granted amnesty...

Spain grants 700,000 illegal immigrants legal status

14:29 10/05/2005
Spain has granted amnesty to 700,000 illegal immigrants, the Guardian reports. The Spanish Government hopes this will help to end exploitation of those working secretly in the black economy. Illegal...