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Rural Australia attracting immigrants

11:57 30/01/2006
John Dal Broi pauses to count the nationalities of the 100 workers employed at his family winery in Griffith, southern New South Wales (NSW). "We employ a lot of Indians, a lot of Turks, Afghans. We...

UK to launch TB screening programme

14:52 14/09/2005
The UK Government has announced that it intends to begin an overseas screening programme for TB for people applying to enter the UK for more than six months. Phase 1 will be introduced by Autumn 2005...

Australian immigration highest for a decade

9:43 12/01/2005
With over 111,000 people arriving and settling, 2003-2004 saw the highest number of migrants and refugees coming to Australia in ten years, according to Australia's Department of Immigration and...