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UK announces new Further Leave to Remain (FLR) application form

10:21 08/09/2005
The UK Home Office has announced that an updated version of the FLR(IED) application form is now available. This version of the form (Version 09/2005) is only valid for applications submitted on or...

US to begin issuing electronic passports

15:02 11/08/2005
The United States will begin issuing electronic passports in December to help tighten border and identity security, the State Department said 9 August. A computer chip will be placed in passport...

New UK service standards announced

10:58 18/07/2005
The following information sets out UK service standards and where available, the approximate timescales for deciding applications. Current projections indicate that their performance across all...

US to require machine readable passports from June

11:50 13/05/2005
Foreign visitors from 27 countries will have to present machine-readable passports at US borders as of June 26 to enter the United States without a visa, officials said. Travelers from the so-called...

UK visa applications accepted online in the Netherlands

11:35 06/05/2005
Applicants for UK visas in the Netherlands can now make their applications via the Internet. The new online system, known as "visa4uk", simplifies the process for the British Consulate-General's visa...

The US' InfoPass expands its network

14:32 14/04/2005
Residents of the US state of New Hampshire residents can now go online to schedule an appointment with an immigration officer. The InfoPass system is already used at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration...