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UK Border Agency warns of 'unscrupulous visa agents' in Thailand and Vietnam

16:50 28/09/2012
The United Kingdom Border Agency, the UKBA, has issued a warning about unscrupulous visa agents operating in Vietnam and Thailand. If you are thinking of applying for a UK visa, the UKBA has issued a...

UK immigration warns Thais to apply early for UK visas because of backlog

12:55 04/09/2012
UK immigration staff are taking longer than usual to process applications for UK visas made in Thailand, according to a statement made by the UK Border Agency. The statement appeared on the UKBA...

Cooks can now complete their trade assessment for Australian visas in the UK

17:45 28/06/2012
Cooks looking to immigrate to Australia under their General Skilled Migration program can now be assessed by VETASSESS in the UK. We are pleased to announce that VETASSESS is now doing trade...

Less than 2 months until London Olympics - Apply now for your UK visitor visa!

14:42 13/06/2012
With the London Olympics fast approaching, all visitors should make sure they have the proper UK visa so they can enjoy the Games. With less than 2 months until the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic...

Changes announced for US J-1 Summer Work and Travel Program

9:36 08/05/2012
The US State Department has announced significant changes to the J-1 Summer Work and Travel Program following an investigation that found widespread abuses in the program. The J-1 Summer Work and...

UKBA launches priority UK visa service for Thai applicants

18:25 10/04/2012
The British Embassy in Bangkok introduced this week a priority visa service for Thai citizens applying for UK visitor visas. The visa service allows eligible applicants to pay an additional fee in...