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UK-annual net immigration remains at 212,000

18:08 29/05/2014
The latest UK immigration figures show that there has been no change in the net immigration figure which remains at 212,000 for the year to December 2013. This is over twice the government's target...

UK immigration provides 'unacceptable service'

11:31 28/03/2013
A committee of MPs has issued a report about the UK Border Agency (UKBA) which states that its already poor performance is getting worse. The report says that senior staff should not receive any...

UK immigration chief defends UKBA on sponsorship registration

9:36 21/12/2012
Rob Whiteman, the head of the UK Border Agency (UKBA) has said that he thinks that the UK Border Agency's (UKBA) system of checks on UK employers who register to sponsor overseas workers for UK visas...

UK immigration raids warehouse in crackdown on student visa abuse

18:26 23/08/2012
We remind you that penalties for illegal working remain severe. A UK Border Agency spokesman told The Daily Telegraph on 22 nd August 2012 that UK immigration authorities have removed 2,000 illegal...