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Toronto Star

Canadian immigration reconsiders visa refusals for gay activists

14:36 10/06/2014
Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the Canadian immigration department, says it will reconsider its decision to refuse visitor visas to ten gay rights campaigners from Uganda. The ten had...

Canada needs speedy EOI skilled immigration system says report

13:27 14/01/2014
A report from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce warns that Canada risks losing out on the brightest immigrants if it does not increase the speed of its 'Expression of Interest' (EOI) immigration system...

Canada's immigration minister moves to employment

15:36 07/08/2013
Jason Kenney, for five years Canada's minister for immigration and multiculturalism, has moved on. He is now the minister for employment and social development after Prime Minister Stephen Harper... featured in The Toronto Star

10:58 16/01/2009 CEO Sanwar Ali was interviewed in the Toronto Star for a story which meantions's "comprehensive knowledge about how to get into Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and...

Immigration to become an issue in Germany's next election

18:30 07/07/2005
A recent opinion piece reported in the Toronto Star , asserts that Germany's Christian Democrats want to make immigration an election issue and Schroeder should oblige. With the lowest birthrate in...

Canadian province targets rich immigrants

9:04 15/03/2005
Nova Scotia in Eastern Canada is pioneering a new way to attract skilled immigrants and business immigrants , the Toronto Star newspaper reports. Under Canadian law, provinces can set their own...