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Tory government

Brexit 'Leave' Voters Misled Over UK Immigration

15:27 12/07/2016
The 23rd of June, 2016 will go down as a landmark moment in British history as the day that Britain decided to exit the European Union after 43 years as a member state. Having joined the European...

Brexit and UK immigration Government policy

9:25 07/07/2016
During campaigning in the European Union Referendum there had been rumours that the UK would announce new steps to restrict UK immigration from EU Countries in an attempt to increase support for the...

UK Immigration revokes more Tier 2 Sponsorship licences

12:53 16/09/2015
More and more companies are seeing their Tier 2 sponsorship licences suspended or revoked as the Home Office visits companies and looks for non-compliance with the Tier 2 sponsorship licence...