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United Kingdom Border Agency

UK immigration savaged by MPs

9:55 18/11/2013
The Home Affairs Committee of the Westminster Parliament has issued its final report on the activities of the now defunct United Kingdom Border Agency. The report deals with the operation of the UKBA...

UK immigration issues list of unsatisfactory Bangladeshi banks

12:01 30/11/2012
The United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) has issued a list of Bangladeshi banks that it considers 'do not satisfactorily verify financial statements'. As of 13th December 2012, the UKBA will no longer...

UKBA announces new guidelines for 'overstayers'

11:51 10/09/2012
The United Kingdom Border Agency has announced changes to the rules regarding those who wish to apply for renewed leave to stay in the country when their leave to do so has expired. As from October...

LMU 'to commence urgent legal action' against UK immigration

18:50 05/09/2012
London Metropolitan University (LMU) has stated that it intends 'to commence urgent legal action to challenge the revocation of its Highly Trusted status for sponsoring international students'. Last...

London Metropolitan University banned from teaching foreign students

18:17 30/08/2012
The United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) has stripped London Metropolitan University (LMU) of its Highly Trusted Sponsor Status (HTS). This means that it can no longer provide overseas students with...