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United States

US - New law expected to tighten visa application requirements

19:34 15/12/2004
After weeks of fighting, both the House of Representatives and the Senate passed a bill which implements the 9/11 Commission recommendations. President George W. Bush is expected to sign it into law...

US - Changes likely to lead to greater Shortage of Nurses

17:36 14/12/2004
The US government has announced plans to block a shortcut that has allowed thousands of foreign nurses to get their work permits fast-tracked, a move that could worsen a nationwide shortage in nurses...

US - Green Card lottery entry period ends 7 January 2005

14:51 14/12/2004
January 7 next year will be the final date for Green Card lottery applications, so if you are planning to apply you better hurry up. Each year, the State Department conducts a lottery through its...

US - Homosexual refugee wins asylum in the United States

9:17 07/12/2004
A homosexual Nigerian man who fled his native country last year andwas held for 11 months while he awaited asylum in the United States haswon the right to stay. The Nigerian fled to America after an...

US - Class Action Suit Over Green Card Delays

17:19 21/10/2004
A federal judge has granted class action suit status, nationwide, to a lawsuit aginst U.S. immigration officials for stalling green card applications. Thousands of immigrants are now able to...

EU/US – EU wants visa free travel for all its members

11:38 21/10/2004
EU officials met recently with their U.S. counterparts to discuss an extension of the US Visa Waiver Program, which at the moment allows nationals from 15, mainly western EU members, of the 25 member...