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UK considers imposing visa controls on EU nationals

13:33 08/10/2012
The UK's Prime Minister, David Cameron MP, has hinted that his government may introduce measures to limit the level of EU immigration into the UK. The UK Home Secretary Theresa May MP has told a...

US firms finding it harder to get L-1B 'specialized knowledge' visas

9:54 08/10/2012
US firms are concerned that it is getting harder to transfer skilled staff from offices outside the US using the L-1B visa. Fifty leading US companies, including Microsoft and Oracle, wrote an open...

Australia cancels 10,000 student visas

9:12 08/10/2012
Australia's Department of Immigration and Citizenship has revoked over 10,000 student visas in the last financial year. The majority of these visas were cancelled because students failed to comply...

Chinese applications for Australian student visas up by 20%

9:56 12/09/2012
The Australian newspaper reports today 12th September 2012, that applications from mainland China to Australian educational institutions are soaring after several years of decline. A Chinese...

Critics claim UK Tier 4 student visa gives "back door" entry to the UK

12:40 14/06/2012
Migration Watch UK, an anti-immigration independent think tank, are calling for more restrictions on granting UK Tier 4 student visas , claiming that the visas provide "back door" entry to the UK ...

Canada will continue to process Federal Skilled Worker visa backlog

16:09 30/05/2012
Earlier this year Canadian immigration announced their plans to stop the processing of Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) visa applications submitted before 27 February 2008 and reject these applications...