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Immigration is now top priority for UK voters

9:05 09/01/2015
Immigration is now the main concern for UK voters, according to various polls carried out by the opinion poll company YouGov. In a series of surveys, immigration has come out either above, or tied...

UK Labour adjusts immigration message

11:09 04/06/2014
In the wake of the local and European elections held in the UK on 22nd May, after some disappointing results, the UK's opposition Labour Party has a rethink of its future immigration policy. Labour...

UK opposition leader says immigrants must speak English

11:32 19/12/2012
Ed Miliband, the leader of the UK's Labour opposition gave a speech on 14th December 2012 in which he said that the last Labour government had made mistakes in its immigration policy when it was in...

Survey reveals nearly half of UK citizens interested in emigrating

17:57 19/04/2012
Following a recent poll it was found that almost 50 percent of UK citizens are "seriously considering" emigrating overseas. The poll, conducted by YouGov, an international UK-based market research...