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Court overturns refusal of student loan based on UK immigration status

13:43 06/08/2015
A school-leaver has successfully overturned a ban on certain immigrants receiving Government backed loans for higher education. The UK Supreme Court found in favour of 20-year-old, Beaurish Tigere...

UK Tier 1 Visa Further Changes - Act Now!

11:25 08/04/2010
UK Immigration has said that they will be reviewing the salary multipliers used to convert past earnings from overseas to the equivalent UK earnings to calculate points for UK Tier 1 visas. The...

Zambian football player gets UK work permit after appeal

11:29 03/08/2005
Collins Mbesuma, a 21-year-old Zambian national playing football in the English city Portsmouth, has been granted a UK work permit after the club made a successful appeal to the Home Office. The...

Immigrants using Zambia as a gateway to UK

10:46 09/06/2005
Foreign nationals are using Zambia as a gateway to the United Kingdom and South Africa . Zambia's Immigration Department deputy public relations officer Greenwell Lyempe said the department has...