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Belgium immigration

Belgium is one Europe's most attractive immigration destinations. The central European state offers economic and political stability, with a relatively low tax regime supported by many exemptions. Belgium also boasts a high-class quality of life and a safe and healthy environment, with a historic and cultural heritage that is one of the most respected in the world.

There is a significant shortage of healthcare staff and IT specialists in Belgium. As a result the Belgian government looks more favourably on immigration applications for healthcare and IT professionals.

Belgium is a member of the Schengen Accord. It is important to note that the maximum allowable stay in Schengen countries is ninety days cumulatively for all member countries within any 180 day period. (For example, if a Business Visitor stays in Belgium for thirty days within six months, he or she may only spend up to sixty days total in all other Schengen countries as a Business Visitor.)

Belgium is divided into three administrative areas:

  • The Walloon (rench speaking ) area in the south - whose capital is Namur

  • The Flemish (Dutch speaking) area in the north - whose capital is Brussels

  • The central Brussels area.

Applications for permits are dealt with in the regional capitals, the process is slightly different in each area, but the legislation is the same.

Belgium Employers Guide

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