EU Immigration for non-EU Nationals

Non-EU nationals have several options for living and working in the EU. Our immigration pages list the visa and work permit options for each EU state we cover, as well as information about bringing family members, setting up a business, and gaining legal permanent residence.

EU visas

In addition to each EU country's particular visas, there are 2 work permit and visa options which allow candidates to enter and travel through most countries within the EEA. The permits are known as the Schengen visa and the European Blue Card.

  • Schengen visa: The Schengen visa allows migrants to travel throughout the 26 EEA countries which make up the Schengen area. This visa is a primarily mean for short stays of 90 days or less. Some countries allow migrants to work with a Schengen visa, though most require the candidate to apply for a standard work permit instead.
  • European Blue Card: The Blue Card is designed to encourage skilled and educated professionals to live and work in 24 EU countries. Applicants must have a university degree or at least 5 years of professional experience.

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