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Family members of EU nationals

This guide pertains only to workers from EU countries who have the right to work and live freely in other EU countries. To find out if you qualify, please read this information carefully.

If you are an EU national moving to another EU country to take up employment or self-employment or to provide a service, you have the right to move to another EU state.

Members of your immediate family, whatever their nationality, have the right to immigrate with you or to join you in your country of employment. With regard to other members of your family, the country where you are working is obliged "to consider favourably" any applications from them to join you.

Members of your family immigrating with you or accompanying you have the right to receive a residence card or document that is valid for the same length of time as yours. If they wish to, your spouse and children also have the right to work without restriction in your country of employment. Your children have an equal right to access education as that country's nationals and the right to benefit from the same education rights.

Members of your family who come from a non-EU country may be asked for an entry visa by the country of employment. This visa is granted easily and should be free of charge.

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