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Alberta welcomes migrant workers

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Alberta is Canada's fastest growing province thanks to its enormous oil reserves. The population has increased to 3.7 million; a 37 percent increase compared to ten years ago. As a result, large companies such as Statoil and Exxon Mobil Corp are going from strength to strength and they need the help of immigrant workers.

According to a recent study, Calgary (a city in Alberta) has the fastest growing immigrant population in all of Canada; oil companies there are hoping to fill 100,000 more jobs over the next decade.

Arriving immigrants benefit from economic growth; They also enjoy a welcoming atmosphere too.

'I came here because it's easy to get a job,' said Hong Wei Pei, a Chinese immigrant. 'Most people here are immigrants and the locals are friendly and welcoming. If you work hard you'll be successful.'

The rise in immigration is shaping the province in ways that were never imagined. Albertan citizens recently elected the first Muslim mayor of Canada in Calgary city.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi praised the people of Alberta, while remaining optimistic for the future.

'There are very few places in the world where a kid from a minority ethnic community, a minority faith community, could be elected your mayor without anyone blinking an eye,' he said. 'It's up to us to model to the rest of the world a place where multiculturalism works.'

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