Australian immigration announce skilled migrants scheme for Perth

Australian immigration minister Chris Bowen has announced that Perth, Western Australia will have a sponsored migration scheme which will make it easier for employers to hire overseas workers.

Bowen said that Perth will come under the government's Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme, a move sure to please Australian employer's desperate to hire overseas workers.

"The simple fact is that there will not be enough Australian workers to get the job done," Bowen said in a statement.

"Skills shortages are not limited to mining projects, with opportunities for Australians in the resources sector leading to local skills shortages in other parts of Western Australia, particularly in Perth.

"Therefore, for the purpose of greater access to skilled migration, Perth will now be considered a regional city and will be able to benefit from inclusion in the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme," he added.

He said that this would provide employers with an additional, easier route for hiring foreign workers. Many sponsored migrants will also have the opportunity to apply for permanent residence if they wish.

16,000 places have been allocated under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme under the current government budget.

Australia is currently having to deal with a severe skills crisis as a number of large resources projects get underway. With unemployment under 5 percent, the nation's employers are forced to look abroad for skilled workers.

In addition to employer sponsored immigration schemes, Australia also has an independent immigration scheme which enables applicants to obtain a permanent residence visa without a job offer. For more information, see our Australian immigration section.

If you do not have an occupation on the occupation list we may still be able to help you by providing you with a suitable employer in Australia. Please contact one of our offices for further details.