Australian Immigration embraces multiculturalism

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Australia remains a very popular immigration destination. The new Immigration Minister Chris Bowen, and Parliamentary Secretary, Senator Kate Lundy have on behalf of the Australian government spoken in support of a diverse and multicultural Australia. The Immigration Minister went onto to say the following:

"The meaning of multicultural Australia far exceeds a portfolio title- it is about how we draw on the benefits of Australia's diversity and how we create an inclusive society," Bowen said.

"A multicultural Australia continues to be in the national interest and is important for our economic and social prospects," he added, underscoring Australia's need for overseas workers to fill skills shortages in its labor market.

One move the government made was to establish a panel in late 2008 called the Australian Multicultural Advisory Council to help the government with social cohesion issues and community outreach. The council provided advice on multicultural policy during its initial term. The Government is currently considering The Council recommendations.

"The government recently reappointed the council for a second term and I am looking forward to working closely with the members in my new role," Senator Lundy said.

Multiculturalism is an important topic for Australians. Australia depends heavily on immigration for skilled labour. The country utilizes a points based system to attract overseas talent, scoring applicants through criteria such as age, work experience, and academic qualifications.

In addition, Australian employers, local governments, etc can sponsor overseas workers. For more information, please see our Australian immigration section.