Australian immigration reports an increase in short stay 456 business visa applications

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According to Australia's Department of Immigration and Citizenship, there was an increase is short-term business trips last year. New figures show over 120,000 applications were made for the 456 subclass short stay business visa in the last quarter of 2011.

Under the 456 subclass visa, the holder can stay in Australia for three months to carry out business activities such as attending conferences, handling negotiations or delivering presentations.

The new figures, provided by Australian immigration, show an 11.4 percent increase in applications between September and December 2011. The rise in short stay business visa applications means that applications for 456 visas now account for 14 percent of all Australian visa applications.

The biggest increase in applications came from Chinese applicants, with almost 21,000 lodged by Chinese nationals. An immigration spokesperson said the increase was "reflecting [the] strong business ties between China and Australia".

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