Canada increases funding to attract international students to Nova Scotia

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The Canadian government has announced funding for an organization that works to attract international students to immigrate to Nova Scotia.

The federal agency, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), promised $185,000 in funding for EduNova, a non-profit organization that advertises Nova Scotia's educational and training programs to encourage international students to immigrate to Canada. Last year, ACOA invested $215,000 in the organization.

"Let's be clear, the work of attracting international students is highly competitive," Bernard Valcourt, Minister of State said. "This investment will assist EduNova's work in researching and developing international markets, offering familiarization tours to interested students and carrying out the Student Pathways initiative, which assists international students in their transition to Nova Scotia."

Currently, EduNova has 29 universities, colleges, school boards and private companies as members. In addition to attracting international students to immigrate to Nova Scotia, the organization also brings in educational and professional expertise to Nova Scotia from other countries.

Since EduNova was established about seven years ago, the number of international students in Nova Scotia has grown to 7,500 from about 5,000, according to Ava Czapalay, president and CEO of EduNova.

The organization looks to attract students from places like Japan, Korea, the Middle East, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela "where the students would typically travel for international studies."

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