Community service to be required for prospective UK citizens?

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The United Kingdoms Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, has stated that when he takes the reigns as Prime Minister, he will institute a requirement that prospective citizens must undertake community service to prove that they are in tune with the values of British life.

Until the requirements were met, the migrant would be on a probation period dubbed as "temporary citizenship."

"It is time to end the situation where citizenship is granted through 24 questions on life in the UK that last for 45 minutes," Brown said.

"Undertaking community work would be in addition to the stringent citizenship tests," he added. "For new citizens, learning English should be a requirement. Citizens should have an understanding of our history and culture."

His aim is for migrants to prove their allegiance to the country and their desire to integrate, but David Davis, the shadow home secretary, doesn't see it that way. He called the plan "a headline-grabbing initiative of very little substance".

Brown's ideas are very similar to Australia's efforts to put forth integration as a major requirement for citizenship. Both countries are experiencing a public backlash against increased immigration.


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