Dublin, Ireland being called the "brain gain" capital

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Technology companies such as Google, eBay and Yahoo have located premium offices in the Docklands district of Dublin, Ireland. The entire district, and Ireland in general, are experiencing a boom in job opportunities. Industries of many types are established and establishing here, and people from the entire world are coming to work.

Immigrants from China, Niger, Iran, all of east Europe, and more are finding a large selection of careers and work.

Formerly a derelict district, the Docklands have become ground zero for a complete renovation of the Dublin and Ireland economy.Positions for writing computer code and developing and manufacturing pharmaceuticals and biotechnology are available along with new hotels and dozens of required services. People are finding it easy to start up and establish personal businesses.

Ireland now has the highest per capita gross domestic product of all Europe, at $37,738 (USD). The above success is largely attributed to the lowest tax rate on corporate profits in Europe at 12.5 percent.

Probably one of the hottest economies in the western world today, Ireland is finding that it has to aggressively recruit from the entire 25-nation European Union ... and that is not quite enough. To fill all the needed jobs, advertisement and recruiting programs are targeting dozens of countries around the globe.

It does not seem that it will slow down soon. Companies from all of Europe and beyond are locating major offices and, in some cases relocating their head offices, to take advantage of the economic incentives.

Currently, Ireland has the lowest unemployment rate in Europe, at 4.4 percent, compared to 18 percent in 1993.