Home Secretary vows to reduce UK immigration numbers

In her first major speech on immigration, UK Home Secretary Theresa May stated that her goal was to bring in more high-value migrants to the UK, such as investors and research scientists, while at the same time encouraging employers to fill vacant jobs with local unemployed workers.

"The government intends to control immigration by focusing on all aspects of the immigration system, not just the points-based system," May said.

"So over the coming months action will be taken on students, families and settlement as well as people coming here to work," she added.

According to a statement released by the UK Border Agency, her priorities include:

  • encouraging entrepreneurs and investors to come to the UK
  • stopping abuse of the student visa route
  • 'cutting the link' between temporary immigration and permanentsettlement

Encouraging entrepreneurs to come to the UK may come in the form of a new business visa announced recently.

May concluded her speech by stating that net migration will be reduced from the current level of hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands by the end of the Parliamentary term.

"It will take hard work and a great deal of political courage. But the British people want us to do it and it is the right thing to do. So we will do it," she said.

It looks as if UK immigration will become more difficult in future, you should seriously consider applying now before the changes.