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Migrant workers being brought illegally into UK

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The BBC has found evidence that many Eastern European workers are being brought in illegally by a gangmaster in Cornwall in the UK. The BBC has found out that at least two Russians have been working illegally in the tourism industry, using false Lithuanian passports.

One informant, who did not wish to be named because he feared for his life, said: "I've been told that they were Russians, they were working for a guy in Cornwall. They didn't have any P45s or any documentation because they didn't belong to the EU, so they got hold of some Lithuanian passports with different people's names.

"I believe they went to London and I'm told they had to pay £800.

"The Home Office verified that they could be in the country under these false names and they worked in this country."

An Eastern European woman who also knew them - said they told her they both had Russian and Lithuanian passports.

She said: "They haven't got a national insurance number because they were worried there would be an investigation and it would be found out that their passports were false."

The BBC has passed the information on to the St Ives MP Andrew George who said:

"It's not just bad for workers over here - underpaid or not paid at all - but also it undermines the local labour market where local people are put out of jobs as well. It's bad for the workers who come over and it's bad for workers in this area."