More opportunities for immigrants in Australia as economy improves

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The number of job vacancies in Australia has recently gone up. This is the first increase in sixteen months. Also, the Sensis Consumer Report on consumer confidence is at 39 percent which is the highest level in fifteen months.

Both consumers and businesses feel that the economy will pick up in the next twelve months. Businesses need confidence to invest in their business. Business confidence depends on consumer confidence. Consumer confidence is based largely on job security.

Many indicators of the Australian economy show an improvement . For example the latest GBP figures are positive. The Australian dollar is at a 12 month high against the US dollar and Euro. It is at a thirteen year high against the UK pound; The exchange rate is now about two Australian dollars to one British pound.

The Housing Industry Association and the Australian Industry Group figures show that the building industry is still contracting. However, the decline is at a lower rate than in the past and there are shortages in many tradesman occupations.

There are many skill shortages in Australia as can be seen in the Migration Occupations in Demand List. As the Australian economy continues to improve there will be more and more job opportunities for prospective migrants to Australia.