Polish and Estonian students can use Australia's eVisa program

Estonian and Polish students are now able to apply for Australian Student eVisas online which will make it much easier for nationals of these Countries to obtain student visas. The entry criteria has been revised which will also make it easier to obtain student visas for nationals of Estonia and Poland. Both countries have now been deemed "low risk," which means that the English language and financial requirements that students must meet will be more achievable.

Estonian and Polish students will be able to submit their visa applications on the Internet after 1 April 2005. The eVisa program is being used already by students from many other countries. In the past six months, more than 3000 students from Norway, France, Germany and other European countries have obtained their student visas by using eVisa.

Past students from both countries showed a good track record in completing their studies, working within the employment conditions and departing within their visa limits. It is hoped that the change will encourage more students from the two countries to study in Australia.