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UK - Announcement on FLR Applications

The IND has announced that Work Permits (UK) are currently unable to process Further Leave to Remain (IED - Immigration Employment Document) applications on an expedited basis.

If you are a client of ours and need your passports or other important documents to be returned to you urgently, while your leave to remain application is under consideration, then the application will have to be withdrawn in its entirety.

Furthermore, you will not be refunded the £121 fee if the application is withdrawn, according to the newly-published guidelines.

We will assist you with completing the new form that must be submitted to Work Permits (UK) if you wish to withdraw your application.

In order for the Home Office to be able to track your application please ensure that you provide us with the following information:

  • Full name, address, nationality and date of birth of the applicant as it appears on the FLR (IED) application form.
  • The date that the application was delivered
  • The method of payment
  • The recorded or special delivery post number (if application was delivered by courier, please supply their delivery number)
  • The contact name and address of the 'Payer' as it appears on page 1 of the FLR (IED) form
  • The FLR (IED) payment reference number if you have it

Your consultant should have most of the above information and would be able to make this withdrawal application on your behalf.

The Home Office will attempt to return all passports and supporting documents as soon as possible.

If you still wish to apply for leave to remain in the United Kingdom as the holder of an IED, then you should make a new FLR (IED) application as quickly as possible.

All documents will be returned by the Home Office to you or your consultant by First Class Recorded Delivery post unless a Special Delivery envelope is submitted with the application.

Further updates on HSMP as well as FLR (IED) processing times should be found on this website in due course.