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UK - Update on FLR (IED) Applications

New temporary procedures for handling Further Leave to Remain (FLR) applications have been announced today by the Home Office.

Due to the recent increase in the numbers of FLR (IED) applications received by Work Permits (UK), and in response to feedback from applicants, new procedures have been announced with effect from today, 19 July 2004.

If you have already received an acknoledgement letter from the Cannock office relating to your application after 15 July then the following new procedures should apply:

  • All new cases received by the Cannock office will be dealt with within two weeks of receipt in Work Permits (UK). This action will either be in the form of a decision or a request for more information. It has also been made easier to contact the Cannock office by telephone, mobile, fax and e-mail.
  • Furthermore, if you are in receipt of an acknowledgement letter from the Cannock office relating to your FLR(IED) application before 15 July, then you will also be able to request that your case is given urgent treatment.
  • Cases will be dealt with urgently if they satisfy any of the following conditions:
    • if you have urgent medical treatment arranged in the UK
    • if you have urgent family travel i.e. bereavement, marriage
    • if you have urgent business travel i.e. attending a conference
    • if you have pre-booked holidays or
    • other, depending on the reason

The new "urgent treatment form" can be faxed or e-mailed to the ATOS Cannock.

Like with HSMP case, Work Permits (UK) will give an update on their website regarding the dates of submission of cases they are currently working on. The information will be updated weekly.

Please check our news section for the latest information on immigration and work permit matters.