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UK may decrease eligible skilled immigration jobs

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The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has recommended reducing the number of available occupations for non-EU skilled migrants to 190,000; This is the number of people working in the UK in the new proposed list.

29 jobs were recommended for removal from the list of eligible skilled occupations under the Tier 2 skilled worker immigration scheme. Occupations that may be axed include secondary school biology teachers, obstetrics and gynaecology, veterinarians and orchestral musicians. Latest news

The chairman of the MAC, David Metcalf, said the UK needs to train more British citizens rather than rely on immigration.

"This will reduce the UK's reliance on migrant workers in the long term and provide real benefits for the economy as a whole," Metcalf said.

The MAC did recommend adding 33 additional occupations, however, including consultants in emergency medicine, visual effects animators, and operations managers in the decommissioning areas of the nuclear industry.