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UK Universities protest plan to raise visa costs

19:38 25/04/2005
Universities in the UK have reacted with anger to the government's attempt to raise overseas student visa prices during the election. Universities UK fears the new increase will make it harder for...

Study finds UK immigration helps the economy

18:23 21/04/2005
A study done by the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics finds that immigration is beneficial to the UK economy. The study criticizes the main UK parties for pledging to... conducts seminar on UK visa scheme at IESE

13:59 21/04/2005
Sanwar Ali of recently addressed students of Spain's IESE, a business school which is currently on the list of MBA programmes of the UK's Highly Skilled Migrant Programme ( HSMP ) MBA...

UK parties' views on immigration: a comparison

11:53 20/04/2005
In light of the upcoming elections in the UK and the important role immigration is likely to play, we bring you a look at what each party proposes on immigration controls, refugees, ID cards, and...

High refusal rate for EC Association Agreement applications to the UK

17:49 14/04/2005
Last year saw the suspension of EC Association Agreement applications for citizens of Bulgaria and Romania wishing to work in the UK. This was reintroduced on 1 September 2004. We have heard from...

New UK HSMP forms covering MBA provision available

12:35 12/04/2005
The UK government has announced that updated versions of the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) application forms will be available from 12 April 2005, to include information on the new MBA...