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East European immigrants transforming London

16:47 24/10/2005
Nearly a year and a half after the expansion of the European Union, waves of East Europeans have washed into Britain . The New York Times reports. They work as bus drivers, farmhands and dentists, as...

UK immigration hit record high in 2004

17:23 21/10/2005
Immigration to the UK hit a record high in 2004, new statistics have revealed. A total of 494,100 non-Britons migrated to the UK, an increase of 21% on the 2003 figure of 406,800. As reported earlier...

New trends in migration to the UK: report

13:58 20/10/2005
New figures show that about 111,000 workers came to the UK from the new EU countries in the past year. That figure is up from 20,000, the number that arrived before EU enlargement in May 2004. The...

UK visa applicants from Tanzania must be TB-free

14:30 19/10/2005
From 17 October 2005, all visa applicants in Tanzania wishing to come to the United Kingdom for a period longer than six months will need to provide a certificate confirming that they are free from...

UK visa services in earthquake-affected areas

13:16 18/10/2005
The terrible earthquake in Northern Pakistan on 8 October caused no damage to the British High Commission premises in Pakistan or India. Much of the embassy staff is now working to support the...

UK visas to take longer for some in Africa

9:42 18/10/2005
From 17 October 2005, it will take longer to process a UK visa when applications are made at Posts that are now carrying out fingerprint checks. Some visa applicants could wait for up to seven days...