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176,000 workers from new EU member states work in UK

11:45 27/05/2005
About 176,000 workers from the new EU member states have entered the UK to work since the EU expanded last May. This was 20 times more than expected; still, the UK's Immigration Minister Tony McNulty...

University rep speaks out against UK visa fee changes

15:37 26/05/2005
The visa fee changes coming into effect from July in the UK are driving away international students and ruining the reputation of UK universities, said the vice-chancellor of the UK's Sheffield...

UK SBS Food Manufacturing quota for Ukrainian Nationals suspended

14:27 23/05/2005
On 15 June 2004, Work Permits (UK) announced that a limit had been placed on the number of Sector Based Scheme (SBS) permits that can be issued to a single nationality within a given sector. This...

UK to start regional skills lists for skilled immigration

13:08 19/05/2005
Under new plans agreed by the Home Office, every region in the UK will be able to publish a list of skills in short supply and it is up to the governing body in each region to decide on the contents...

UK announces points system to control immigration

11:53 19/05/2005
The UK's new Immigration and Asylum Bill will create a new points-based system for migrants who want to work in the UK. The Government says the scheme will increase public confidence in the...

Changes to UK immigration laws to affect students, workers

11:38 16/05/2005
Just a week after being reelected, Tony Blair revealed that changes to the government's immigration laws would affect foreign workers and overseas students . Foreign students overstaying their visas...