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UK Government Immigration Policy Changes

11:53 07/02/2005
UK - The Labour Government, in response to the Conservative Party proposals (the main opposition party), will be announcing significant immigration policy changes this week in an attempt to tighten...

Charges proposed to cut UK immigration appeals

18:06 04/02/2005
The UK Government will introduce fees to try to reduce the number of appeals made by immigrants over family reunion applications, the website This is London reported on February 4. According to...

Clarification on expiry date for UK workers registration scheme form

17:31 04/02/2005
Please be advised that although the application form for the Workers Registration Scheme has an expiry date of January 31 2005, applications on this form will continue to be accepted until February...

Changes to UK Marriage and Partner Rules

19:38 03/02/2005
As from 1 February 2005, the rules for overseas nationals wishing to marry in the UK have changed. All overseas nationals who wish to marry in the UK (apart from EEA nationals) will now need a...

UK immigration - Blair defends cooperation with EU

17:42 31/01/2005
Prime Minister Tony Blair has said that the UK's cooperation with the European Union on immigration and asylum issues is justified, the Scotsman newspaper reports. OnJanuary 31 a spokesman for Mr...

Under Review: The UK Sectors Based Scheme Work Permits

16:34 31/01/2005
The Sectors Based Scheme is still the subject of an ongoing review. The current sectors based work permit scheme will continue under its existing quota system and criteria until the review is...