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New immigration rules for UK visitors of more than six months

18:40 09/11/2005
From 13 November 2005, all nationals from non-EEA member states as listed below who wish to come to the UK for more than six months will need to obtain an entry clearance from a British diplomatic...

Refugees to work in UK health care

18:59 08/11/2005
Refugees in Glasgow are to be targeted for a career in the health service. A new pilot scheme has been created to tap into the skills of thousands of refugees in the city who are currently out of...

Report says Scotland's Fresh Talent could cause problems

15:14 31/10/2005
The reports that a recent report says Scotland's high-profile drive to attract migrants to Scotland is threatening to spark racial problems because agencies are failing to help new...

Commonwealth citizens could lose right to UK visa

12:31 27/10/2005
The UK's proposed changes to its immigration rules could end the traditional entry and settlement rights of Commonwealth citizens with British relatives, a newspaper said. The Times daily said that...

Migrant workers work for less in Wales

10:33 27/10/2005
Former Welsh Secretary Ron Davies says that migrant workers are paid less than local workers in Wales, and that workers from the new EU member states are forced to endure "Dickensian" labor...

Survey finds educated workers leave poor nations

17:24 25/10/2005
Poor countries across Africa, Central America and the Caribbean are losing sometimes staggering numbers of their college-educated workers to wealthy, industrialized democracies, according to a World...