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UK closes loophole in immigration process

12:39 08/06/2006
First discovered six years ago, a loophole that allows immigrants to illegally use a fabricated National Insurance number toward their residency process has now been closed down. Individuals who wish...

New UK Home Office Immigration Application Forms

9:32 07/06/2006
As of June 22 applications for extension of stay, indefinite leave and transfer of condition and no time limit applications will have to be made on new forms. Production of the new form is a little...

UK work permit exemption rescinded for medical students

11:10 06/06/2006
An exemption for requiring a work permit for post-graduate doctors and dentists working in the UK was eliminated on 3 April 2006 in many cases. Only those who originally qualified in the UK can...

Illegal immigrants caught at UK Home Office

19:16 19/05/2006
Five illegal immigrants have been arrested after turning up for work to clean a British Home Office building. They were working for a firm contracted by the UK Immigration and Nationality Directorate...

EEA Family Permits Changed in the UK

13:32 12/05/2006
The new EU Free Movement of Persons Directive came in to force in the UK earlier this year on April 30 and this will bring changes to the application process of family members of EEA nationals...

New UK Worker Registration Scheme Form

10:45 03/05/2006
If you are a national of one of the new EU Countries from one of the former Eastern Bloc Countries you will normally need to come under the Worker Registration Scheme . The number of people coming to...