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Ireland urged to set up permanent immigration system

9:36 01/07/2005
The man behind the US Greencard system is advising the Irish government to introduce the opportunity of permanent residence for immigrants. Bruce Morrison, a former US Congressman, says immigrants...

UK to use iris-reading immigration equipment

14:47 30/06/2005
The UK Immigration Service has decided to use the latest iris scanning technology to provide a faster, more convenient way to clear immigration. Called"IRIS" (an abbreviation for Iris Recognition...

Overview of Scotland's Fresh Talent scheme

13:11 29/06/2005
Scotland , a country of some five million people, is actively seeking a flow of Fresh Talent. It is hoped that the new immigrants will flourish alongside native-born Scots and help Scotland secure...

UK new immigration bill published

15:24 27/06/2005
The UK government's new immigration bill released last week does not include a points system for immigration. Although ministers want a points system for economic migrants that would grant visas on...

UK SBS work permit in hospitality sector to end

11:13 27/06/2005
The UK Minister of State for Immigration today announced that the Sectors-Based Scheme (SBS) would stop operating in the hospitality sector, but would continue until June 2006 in the food processing...

Need for immigrants in Scotland questioned

10:29 27/06/2005
Scotland's "Fresh Talent" initiative to entice foreign students to Scotland is "completely unjustified", according to the think tank Migrationwatch UK. Migrationwatch UK said reports of Scotland's...