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Study reveals immigrant labour needed in UK

17:50 30/03/2006
UK businesses are increasing their reliance on immigrant human resources in the labour force. Studies by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development reported that 85% of employers had...

UK plans to lure skilled foreign scientists to its shores

16:50 30/03/2006
The UK Trade Secretary, Patricia Hewitt launched her five year plan for British business today, and she explained that under her plans, the UK hopes to lure highly skilled and qualified foreigners to...

UK's new ILR changes just around the corner

10:55 29/03/2006
The UK Home Office wants all permanent residence (ILR) application forms to be submitted by March 31. The Office announced important changes in Immigration Rules, earlier this month. The changes will...

Immigrants happy to work for lower wages in Ireland

12:08 28/03/2006
What was once true of the Irish when settling in the US, and working for reservation wages, seems to have done a full circle with Eastern Europeans doing the same now in Ireland Irish employers are...

Points based system not to affect UK IT immigration

12:15 27/03/2006
Overseas IT specialists migrating to the UK will most likely to be awarded the highest status in the UK Home Office's points-based immigration system. The points ranking system for immigrants wishing...

Scotland to have regional director for immigration

11:04 27/03/2006
Tony McNulty, the Home Office minister in charge of immigration, will unveil proposals to create a new regional director's job for Scotland. Scotland will have its own regional director for...