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Points based system not to affect UK IT immigration

12:15 27/03/2006
Overseas IT specialists migrating to the UK will most likely to be awarded the highest status in the UK Home Office's points-based immigration system. The points ranking system for immigrants wishing...

Scotland to have regional director for immigration

11:04 27/03/2006
Tony McNulty, the Home Office minister in charge of immigration, will unveil proposals to create a new regional director's job for Scotland. Scotland will have its own regional director for...

UK government to increase skills training

10:53 27/03/2006
The UK government flag ship for job skills training New Deal, is to be expanded to improve workers skills. The government wants to increase the skills scheme to be more flexible. Gordon Brown from...

Police chief wants new force to tackle UK illegal immigration

9:33 27/03/2006
The issue of clamping down on illegal immigration has been raised by one the UK's most senior police officers, Chris Fox outgoing president of the Association of Chief Police Officers. Different...

UK lifts restrictions on young Nigerians

9:34 21/03/2006
The British High Commission, Nigeria has announced that the lifting of the the temporary suspension of visa services for first time visitors aged 18-30 will take effect on Friday 17 March. The...

Scotland considers immigration reforms

14:08 16/03/2006
A proposal put forward in Scotland suggests that Scotland should follow Australia's style of immigration, to make it easier to attract workers with rare skills to specified parts of the country,...