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Indian restaurants in UK disappointed with SBS decision

9:04 27/06/2005
The UK government has ended a short-term visa scheme for people working in Indian restaurants in the wake of an illegal immigration scam involving Bangladeshis. The move is likely to affect nearly 10...

UK to switch to points-based skilled immigration

14:56 22/06/2005
The UK government's new Immigration and Asylum Bill is expected to include a points-based system for immigration. The measures, due to be published on June 22, include fingerprinting of all visa...

Migrant workers being brought illegally into UK

11:20 21/06/2005
The BBC has found evidence that many Eastern European workers are being brought in illegally by a gangmaster in Cornwall in the UK . The BBC has found out that at least two Russians have been working...

Housing costs, employment, draw immigrants to Scotland

9:18 20/06/2005
Scotland's economic growth was somewhat stunted in 2004, but 2005 should close the growth gap with the rest of the UK , with help from immigration. High numbers of immigrants came to Scotland in 2004...

Changes to documentation for UK's HSMP

11:49 17/06/2005
Because of the potential for forgery, all documents provided for the UK Highly Skilled Migrant Programme must be originals as of 15 July 2005. In the past, notarised copies of documents were accepted...

Plan for UK ID cards loses popularity

17:17 15/06/2005
Plans to introduce identity cards in the UK have suffered a serious setback with the publication of a poll that discovered increased public opposition to the scheme. Ministers argue that the measure...