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UK lifts visa regime with Croatia

10:21 02/03/2006
After more than 6 years the United Kingdom visa regime for Croatia will be lifted on 22 March 2006, the embassy in Zagreb announced on March 1. According to the decision, tourist, business and family...

UK sees slow down in workers from eastern Europe

18:15 01/03/2006
Nearly 350,000 jobseekers mainly from Poland, Lithuania and Slovakia have come to Britain since the EU's enlargement in 2004, a UK government report published on 28 February reveals. Towards the end...

Siemens wins UK immigration contract

19:55 23/02/2006
The UK's Immigration and Nationality Directorate has welcomed back an IT supplier that was at the centre of its previous computer failures. The Home Office commissioned Siemens Business Services to...

UK civil partnership law welcomed by gay immigrants

13:05 23/02/2006
Immigrants seeking entrance into t he United Kingdom now have an easier route to follow, thanks to December's law allowing gay civil unions. Homosexual couples now have the same immigration rights as...

Record numbers of Britons leave for better lives abroad

10:35 20/02/2006
Record numbers of people are leaving Britain to live and work abroad, figures show. More than 350,000 men and women are emigrating every year, a rise of 30 per cent in 10 years, The Independent...

UK to heighten and automate border security by 2014

14:24 17/02/2006
Around 200 million passengers passed through UK airports in 2003 - and if growth continues as predicted, by 2030 as many as 600 million passengers will pass through UK airports each year. As a result...