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German builders heading to the UK

12:43 18/04/2006
German builders are heading to the UK to find work as the German construction industry is suffering. It is a reversal of the British building trade in the 1980's and 1990's, when many Britons did...

UK's capital to become world's capital of commerce

9:07 18/04/2006
A study by IBM reveals the city of London will become a magnet for talent from the US and Eastern Europe as it cements its reputation as the cosmopolitan capital of commerce. The trend will emerge by...

UK higher education policy changes for foreign students

9:42 12/04/2006 would like to remind future candidates for the Science and Engineering Graduates Scheme (SEGS) that changes announced by the UK Home Office March 30, will take affect May 1. The SEGS...

UK judge overturns marriage laws involving immigrants

14:58 11/04/2006
Changes to marriage laws introduced by the UK Home Office have been overturned by Mr Justice Silber, sitting at the High Court in London. The judge declared the rules were incompatible with the...

UK Labour Leader addresses EU on free labour market

16:08 06/04/2006
During the debated topic of free movement of workers in the European Parliament, Gary Titley Member of the European Parliament urged Europe to follow in Britain's footsteps and allow the migratory...

Immigration to Ireland expected to continue

9:53 04/04/2006
Ireland has had an influx of some 160,000 overseas immigrants over the past 21 months. The majority of these migrants have sought and received Personal Public Service numbers, and are making a...