Wellington, New Zealand attracts skilled migrants

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A new study finds that skilled migrants are increasingly attracted to Wellington, New Zealand. New Zealand is an increasingly popular destination for people looking to live and work abroad.

The study, commissioned by the Department of Labour, found that migrants who came to Wellington chose the city for its beauty, compactness, and job opportunities. They also liked Wellington's education system.

22 skilled migrants were selected for the study. All lived close to the central Wellington business district, and included people from the United Kingdom, Japan, South Africa, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Fiji, and Vanuatu.

The compactness of the city was a main factor for some migrants. Wellington has a balanced mixture of both urban life and nature.

"The lifestyle here is very ideal, you know I can have a reasonably good job and also urban life (but at the same time) so close to the nature things especially in Wellington, 10 minutes to everything," one woman said.

"Ten minutes to beach, 10 minutes to the forest, to the bush ... and 10 minutes to downtown," she added.

"These findings help us learn more about how we can attract and retain the people we need for our economy to grow," said Nigel Bickle, Deputy Chief Executive of Immigration New Zealand.

"Immigration plays a vital role in securing New Zealand's prosperity," he added.

New Zealand is one the countries that implements a points based immigration system to attract skilled immigrants to come to live and work in New Zealand.

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