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European Union strikes visa deal with Balkan countries

10:59 14/04/2007
• Watch This Video On Friday, 13 April 2007, the European Union signed visa agreements with Albania, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The agreement is expected to simplify the cost and...

EU negotiating simpler visa deals with Western Balkan countries

10:55 08/12/2006
The European Union has agreed to negotiate agreements with Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia making it much easier and cheaper for their nationals to obtain visas to...

Canada program to bring in more Lebanese has snags

17:10 07/08/2006
• Watch This Video Canada's immigration department has responded to the Middle East crisis by publicizing a special program designed to speed up processing of applications for family-class...

Limited UK visa service in Albania till 4 Nov.

19:01 12/10/2005
Due to major refurbishment works to the public and office space in the visa section in Tirana, the UK will be able to offer only a restricted service for personal applications from 17 October to 4...

UK to tackle illegal immigration during EU presidency

14:23 27/05/2005
The drive to manage illegal immigration will be one of the UK's priorities for its six-month presidency of the European Union, the country announced 26 May. Charles Clarke, the UK's home secretary,...

Migrants promote economic growth in Europe, study concludes

10:33 13/05/2005
An increase in immigration leads to economic growth in Europe -- not to job losses, as popularly feared -- according to a report published 13 May. The study into the effect of immigration on wages...