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Bill Gates speaks up once more on increasing US immigration

16:31 27/02/2007
• Watch This Video The Washington Post has published an article penned by Bill Gates in which he voices his opinions on the need for the government to reform immigration laws to help keep America's...

New York building industry needs workers, looks to immigrants and reform

19:48 30/01/2007
• Watch This Video When any region of the United States has required workers for large building projects, immigrant workers have historically been relied upon. A recent increase in construction in...

Caribbean tourism industry faces hard times with new US passport rules

17:19 18/01/2007
New U.S. passport rules coming into effect next week are expected to have some negative consequences for most Caribbean islands that depend heavily on American tourism. Beginning 23 January 2007, all...

The US Congress will begin immigration reform, again

19:32 26/12/2006
• Watch This Video Democratic lawmakers and their Republican allies are working on measures to draft a bipartisan immigration reform bill for the United States . The Congress has generally fallen...

Profile of new EU-27 nation, Bulgaria

11:02 16/11/2006
Bulgaria is a Balkan country with spectacular mountains and a coastline on the Black Sea, which was part of the Ottoman Empire for approximately 500 years. The population was recently 7.8 million,...

US immigration has a positive effect on wages

11:19 19/10/2006
• Watch This Video The debate on immigration will continue as members of Congress consider whether or not a guest worker program will become a reality in 2007. Although authors of the bill say it is...