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Illegal immigration and undocumented workers in America

10:45 05/05/2006
The topic of illegal immigrant workers has recently become a high-profile topic in American politics and news. Characterizing this issue as having only two sides may not give a full picture of the...

Huge US Immigrant Rights March

19:46 02/05/2006
On 1 May hundreds of thousands of people in the US marched in support of immigrant rights CNN reports. The organizers of a series of nationwide marches "A day without immigrants" asked those opposing...

UK's capital to become world's capital of commerce

9:07 18/04/2006
A study by IBM reveals the city of London will become a magnet for talent from the US and Eastern Europe as it cements its reputation as the cosmopolitan capital of commerce. The trend will emerge by...

Competition for immigrant skilled labour in Australia

17:34 12/04/2006
Canberra , the national capital of Australia , is experiencing a running shortfall of skilled workers in health care, trades, construction and the sciences, and the problem is expected to worsen...

Emotions high in US immigration debate

9:43 09/03/2006
Immigrants from around the US came together in Washington, D.C., yesterday to lobby for immigration reform, while Senator Hilary Clinton added her opinion to the debate during a speech in Washington...

US looks abroad for nurses, especially to Philippines

14:41 06/03/2006
The Christian Science Monitor this week reports on the serious nursing deficit in the United States . The joke circulating among doctors in the Philippines goes something like this: What's the new...