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Australian Bureau of Statistics

Australian immigration boom may have peaked

10:48 16/05/2014
Australian immigration may have peaked, according to the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Net inward migration in the year to March 2014 stood at 380,910. This is slightly...

60% of Western Australian population growth caused by immigration

16:28 09/10/2013
The population of Western Australia grew by 3.4%, or 82,600, in the year to March 2013. 63% of this rise has been attributed to immigration and in particular to an influx of workers with temporary...

Immigration contributes to Australian population growth

18:42 02/01/2013
Australia's population grew by 1.6% or 359,600 people in the year to the end of June 2012. 58% of that rise was caused by immigration. The population reached 22.7m in July, according to the...

Australia census numbers shows increase in immigration

14:09 22/06/2012
New census numbers show that more Asians are immigrating to Australia . There has been an overall increase in Australia's population due to a resources boom and growing immigration. Figures from the...

New report reveals immigration has helped boost Australia's workforce skills

16:43 05/03/2012
A new report released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) last week shows that immigrants have boosted Australia's workforce skills. The report stated that two-thirds of all working age...

Australia sees influx of Greeks immigrating for better life

17:16 16/01/2012
Many Greeks are now immigrating abroad to find work in places like Australia ; Greece is facing an uncertain economic future. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, short-term arrivals of...