Australia sees influx of Greeks immigrating for better life

Many Greeks are now immigrating abroad to find work in places like Australia; Greece is facing an uncertain economic future. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, short-term arrivals of Greek citizens are up 21 percent to about 4,000 people in the six month period from May to November 2011, compared with the same period two years ago.

Currently Greece has a 17 percent unemployment rate, while Australia is experiencing skills shortages with many unfilled positions available for skilled workers.

Greeks in Australia are now the fourth-largest Greek community outside Greece after the US, Cyprus and the UK, according to the 2006 census. Experts expect the influx of Greeks immigrating to Australia to continue to increase as Greece's economic problems continue.

In September, the Australian embassy in Athens hosted a job fair wherein 10,000 people applied for 800 slots to the event.

In addition to Greeks, other Europeans have been immigrating to Australia in search of work and a better life. Between 30 June and 30 November 2011, visa holders from the UK increased 43 percent to 7,160 and the number of immigrants from Ireland surged 68 percent over same period to 2,610.

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